Accomodating the needs of

20-Jun-2017 10:51

She has been playing Battleship and Chess with him as a way to discover how he learns and perceives his world.

And up until this meeting, she has said absolutely nothing about what she thinks. All week-long I have been thinking about all the ways she will likely tell me I am doing this wrong.

) So as I have sat in the waiting room on a different couch, this therapist has been getting to know my son.

For more than two months, she has been sitting on bean bags with him and asking him questions about his life.

The Department of Commerce recently estimated that the number of people between the ages of 25 and 54 will drop between the years 20.

Yet during those same years, the number of people between 55 and 64 years is expected to increase by more than 73%.

I am sharing it because I think it is also true for your child. Here is how she responded: An accommodation is something that helps your child function as close to the level as possible of other children who do not have the same special needs.

With autism, many accommodations are social accommodations, like not requiring him to eat at the table.

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It comes from being accused, out loud and by multiple sources, of being the mom who spoils her kids. After my son’s diagnosis though, everything changed. So, you understand my anxiety over sitting down with this doctor to discuss my son’s ability to live in this world, after her only being with him once a week for a couple of months.

Consequently, not only is the population of older workers growing, but the percentage of those workers who want to keep working longer also is increasing.

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