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04-Nov-2017 13:54

Unfortunately, some people seem to need or want more. Historically interesting, yes, and relatively unique, but the connection between this cloth and Jesus Christ is stretching the imagination so far as to be ridiculous.

Only the faithful will believe it anyway, and those people who need their faith to be bolstered by something as trivial as this need to question why they believe in the first place.

"It was embarrassing to have to agree with them," Mr Rogers told the BBC News website.

The 4m-long linen sheet was damaged in several fires since its existence was first recorded in France in 1357, including a church blaze in 1532.

Raymond Rogers says his research and chemical tests show the material used in the 1988 radiocarbon analysis was cut from a medieval patch woven into the shroud to repair fire damage.

It was this material that was responsible for an invalid date being assigned to the original shroud cloth, he argues.

The human nature and nature of humanity that allows us as a mammal to have such relics to debate over is the true miracle.

Richard, Edmonton, Canada While I find the discussion on this article, and its age, interesting historically, it has no effect on my faith.

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God does nothing without reason or plan, and I can't fathom His leaving something confusing like this. Even if it is proven that the shroud dates to c.33AD, what does that prove? It simply proves that you have a 2000-year-old burial shroud.

Levels of vanillin in material such as linen fall over time.

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