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22-Dec-2017 12:06

“Local-level law enforcements were signing agreements to act as immigration enforcement agents in many communities,” he said.

“So they were empowered to do things that, in some ways, would enhance the probability of abuse and profiling.” Both Fountain and Rodriguez say the public debate on police brutality, portrayed by the media as focusing solely on black and white, silences the voices of Latinos.

Family, friends and outraged supporters are protesting Villanueva’s killing, questioning the patrol officers’ decision to shoot.

And that’s a critical part of the solution,” Rodriguez says.

“And if they’re not covering it, it’s pretty hard to see how national media will come upon it,” Fountain said. “I would hesitate to blame communities themselves for lack of accountability,” he said.

“What that does, essentially, is say that the onus to achieve justice is on the community itself.

“As if the other 84 percent of the population isn’t impacted by the issue,” Fountain says.

Rodriguez adds that sometimes immigration can compound issues of police brutality.As Villanueva made a U-turn back toward their direction, the officers opened fire.