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In our case, this brings up the following screen: You’ll see here that the “content provider” (ie. We’ve had to call in to AT&T and have multiple instances of these charges by various providers canceled and refunded.This one, ironically, showed up shortly after we had done the digging into this issue for this article.

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Once you do so, you’ll receive the following message back: Reply with either the full number or Short Code of the sender.The first is to add a purchase block to your account, which will prevent any of these unauthorized purchases from going through to begin with.While this will take care of the monthly subscription charges, it will not reimburse you for the text message spam you receive (and are charged for by your wireless provider if you’re not paying for an unlimited texting plan).By doing so, you’ll be taken to a page that asks you to input your cell phone number.

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You’ll also be asked to enter an 8-digit security code that will be sent to your mobile phone via free text.

This will take you to a Manage Mobile Purchases & Downloads page, where you’ll see your purchase history.