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20-Oct-2017 06:58

Now if you demonstrate a great sense of humor and that we have things in common, I might entertain the “age is only a number” cliché. If you want responses to messages REFRAIN FROM ALL OF THE ABOVE. There’s also not so secret Reason #20: I’m just not attracted to you. BUT a good message can make a person so much more attractive, I’m not kidding! Ones that are too specific to be copy/pasted to the entirety of the online world.They mention something from the profile I took the time to create: a favorite movie (so easy!because five other guys will have messaged her about them that day.For example, if she’s a redhead, has a unique username, has tattoos, mentions something distinctly masculine like video games or sports…I see you also went to Thailand, I did too 3 years ago! My sister is a nurse too, and she loves her job.”Keep this in mind: your initial message to a woman is just to start a conversation as organically as the medium allows and simply GET A REPLY – not seduce her or enthrall her. You’re probably not making yourself sound very interesting. You’re not grabbing her attention in the first 5 seconds, which is the time she will allot for your message. Once you’ve got a woman’s attention, you have only a very short period of time in which you can hold it. Take note of a couple of hooks and openings that you can personally relate to.2.Hopefully that takes the pressure off that first message for you. If you’ve made it to message 3-5 from her, congratulations. and likely get message fatigue while waiting, and get scooped up by any of the other 3-5 guys she will be talking to simultaneously. Write one sentence/question about a personal experience with the hook.3.One of the biggest elements of success in online dating is undoubtedly how to send the first message.

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I hope you never get laid again.” I resist the urge.

), or that I like making pizza from scratch, or that “I’m very expensive” (you gotta read the post all about that one).