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In Continuous Pesharim, a biblical book is interpreted according to the order of scripture, quoting the verses from the book and explaining them as it progresses.

In this case, the Pesharim are also useful in order to learn about the text of the biblical book at the time, and often teach us of variant readings that existed in the canon of the people of Qumran, some of which can also be found in the Septuagint version of the Bible.

Based on Paleographic and other considerations, it is dated to the second half of the first century BCE.

A statue of the Prophet Habakuk, by Donatello The Pesher contains different kinds of comments: some give a very elementary explanation of the actual text.

An important group of these sectarian compositions are the Pesharim, פְּשָׁרִים.

In Biblical Hebrew, the literal meaning of the word פֶּשֶׁר, Pesher, is “interpretation”, usually in the context of the interpretation of dreams.

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Thus, the understanding of the interpretation helps us give a date for the writing of the Pesher – the Roman occupation of Israel began in 63 BCE.

Pesher Habakuk One of the most famous Pesharim from Qumran is the continuous Pesher written on the Book of Habakkuk (one of the Minor Prophets, otherwise known as the Twelve Prophets).

This scroll was one of the original scrolls first found at Qumran, and it is also one of the longest and most complete among the Pesharim.

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The Jewish Educator Awards Getting closer to Hashem through Torah Committed to providing awareness, education and services in all areas of financial halacha that arise in our daily lives. An international network of Jewish educational centers and Internet portals.The people of Qumran, a dissident sect living far off in the Judean Desert and leading a secluded lifestyle, similar to that of hermits, left us a large and impressive library, written mostly on scrolls of parchment and found in eleven different caves near the village of Qumran, by the Dead Sea.

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