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MORE: Winners, losers in the Matt Duchene trade Those relationships paid off when the New Jersey native inquired about a job opening with a brand-new team this past summer, and he got the gig — despite never doing a face-to-face interview in Nevada.“I’ve been following the process for the NHL going back a couple of years, but without knowing who the radio partner would be, the TV partner would be, or even the communication staff, you wouldn’t know who to write to," D'Uva told Sporting News. But I was waiting for an invite to Las Vegas to meet people in person.Not only his baseball career is one of the most amazing ones, his love life is also one – Derek Jeter actually dated Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel, among other celebrities, including actresses and models.Being the second most paid baseball player with fortune of 5 million, I guess it’s easier for him to start dating people from showbiz…27] and said ’Literally no one predicted this.’ And he’s right." FILM SESSION: On Connor Mc David and the elements of speed For D'Uva, himself, he says calling games at the NHL level is a new experience he's still getting used to, just as the Golden Knights players are getting used to their new surroundings and teammates.“I’m not sure I want to wake up from this," he said, overlooking the ice at Barclays Center before the team's first game in the Eastern time zone. it is surreal at times, because you’re interacting with people who you’ve watched and listened to and to then develop an interpersonal connection not just on a TV screen, or a radio airwave, or an internet stream." And, like the team he now describes for those on the radio back in Nevada, D'Uva hopes he can take advantage of the opportunity the new job has afforded, as like him, several of the players he now calls were the same guys playing for the Crunch, Toronto Marlies, Providence Bruins and Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL.We started with Forbes' annual list of the highest-paid athletes and expanded the pool from there using a variety of domestic and international sources to make sure we didn't overlook any legitimate candidates.(You can find the 2016 World Fame 100 here.) We also sought input from ESPN journalists around the world, including colleagues in our bureaus in Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

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"Those players might not be in the NHL if there were still only 30 teams.

"But the team introduced the VP of communications and content Eric Tosi just about at the beginning of this year, a radio partner in April, and a TV partner in June, and it was about that point I began to really push. I never got that call," he said, coming to an agreement at the end of July and having to keep the news quiet until the announcement in mid-August.

"Other people, I suppose, were willing to offer their support of me, and that was enough for them.

The way the community and the team bonded in that way in that short period of time, capped by an enormously touching tribute ceremony before the first home game, allowed us, meaning the outsiders who moved to Vegas, understand the community more and I think for the community to embrace a group of people coming from the outside and purporting to be Vegas’ team.” And, of course, Vegas as a team also helped give their new community something to cheer for, matching the 1974-75 Washington Capitals' win total in just one month, and going 8-3-0 in October.

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“I had a very good friend of mine who’s a big hockey fan send me a text message after the [7-0 win over Colorado on Oct.

For special situations (esports and China) we used two additional categories: other social media -- for when the athlete was more relevant on a platform outside the Big Three (Twitch, for example, although no gamers made the top 100) -- and, in China's case, Baidu search score, because Google is blocked there.