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NET meets all legal requirements for web shops in Germany & EU.Our plugins & interfaces are built in close partnership with the respective providers to guarantee a perfect usage of the present services. With the Smart Import, you can easily transfer almost all of the data (*) from your existing Smart Shop.There is still a lack of data on safety and reputation of this domain, so you should be very careful when browsing it.Best Classes & Teachers to Learn Cool, Fun Skills in Mumbai | Skillzot Skillzot helps you find & contact the best classes & personal teachers in Mumbai to learn music, dance, yoga, art, DJing & many other cool, fun skills.A lot of small businesses are facing budgeting setbacks and low cash-flow which can lead to a downward spiral of less advertising, less promotional activity and less sales. The revolution starts here…Read on to pick up 100 low cost marketing ideas that include both online and offline activities. We’ll show you how great sales and marketing campaigns can be low on cost if big on innovative ideas, imagination and creativity.

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The Guerrilla marketing tactics below are your means to this end. Give a Graffiti artist some free drawing space by letting him use his artistry on your shutters or paint a mural on the side of your Building e.g Homeless Charity Simon Community building. Create in-house exhibitions in vacant display space on your premises to make it more trendy, appealing and noticeable. Flaghship Department store Brown thomas use art installations from 17 local Artists. Get their attention with a head turning window display even if it comprises stuff you may not eventually sell and chances are, passers-by can be turned into passing trade.