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This will help to reset his body clock and circdain rhythms which control sleep, rest, waking, hunger etc.

Having regular mealtimes, naps and daytime routines will help him to get back on track.

If you squeeze a fresh orange and dilute that with 50% percent water that acts as a natural laxative.

This is a useful site on constipation in children https://patient.info/health/constipation-in-children-leaflet Sugar water is a tricky one and is often widely suggested but it can harm their teeth and develop a sweet tooth.

My son didn't have any separation anxiety per se when he started nursery but was definitely unsettled and didn't sleep as well etc.

Do the nursery let you know what food he has been offered and how he has eaten?

Extra water, baked beans, fruit and veg, dried apricots and raisins can all help as can porridge.

Prunes, stewed prunes and natural prune juice, fresh figs all help.

Or if you prefer, e-mail Raven ([email protected]) to be added to the list, be sure to include your e-mail address and the name of the list within the e-mail.Stay calm, firm and ignore behaviour you don't like.Children quickly learn that if they want your attempting they need to cooperate and play nicely.I am very happy to help some more if you would like it It sounds really tough for you and you are doing an amazing job with little help.

Do talk to your health visitor about this and get a bit of support. Some level of separation anxiety and/or general unsettledness is, I think, to be expected during a transition phase.Perhaps have a chat with them and see if they are concerned, and if so perhaps you could send him with something you know he will eat.