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All of the citations are arranged into four main groups: general topics, the Bulgarian language, other languages, language learning/textbooks.Within each of these four groups the items are further subdivided by subjects such as dialectology, etymology, onomastics, and by individual languages as subjects.Thus, for example, citations for the many specialized linguistic bibliographies that were printed in the journal .Most bibliographies of Bulgarian works in the field of linguistics appear as articles rather than books.Earlier, important works in linguistics are not mentioned. (Sbornik na Bulgarskata akademiia na naukite ; kniga XXXI).The linguistic citations appear under two different main headings: methodology of teaching Bulgarian and linguistics. U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Slavic — Bulgarian Reference 016.49181 St6p This atypical bibliography is devoted to works on Bulgarian/Macedonian dialectology.One of its sections is devoted to “Ezikoznanie.” See the page on Bulgarian Bibliographies of Bibliographies for annotations and call numbers for this publication and two retrospective bibliographies of bibliographies with coverage going back to 1852.These sources cover not only bibliographies that were published as monographs, but also ones that appeared in journals.

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One of the standard sources for Bulgarian bibliography, the annual , is very helpful for finding bibliographies of Bulgarian linguistics.

The citations are arranged alphabetically by village or place of dialect without article titles or authors’ names, but they do provide detailed page references and indications of the genre of text found on each page as well as the village districts in brackets. You must use the abbreviation key to sources to understand the citations. More than 1800 citations for books, articles, and reviews are arranged into 8 sections including lexicological and phraseological works, textbooks, dictionaries and phrasebooks, criticism and reviews, the language of Bulgarian writers and publicists, etc.