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01-Aug-2017 22:38

*He said there may be an update/patch later but their concentration now is the rollout of IPhone4 and making sure those owners have the best experience. If we choose to use it, then we must be aware it is ‘freeware’ and there will be risks.Using IOS4 was not required by the consumer so they take the risk." Although he admits he had a good conversation with Apple’s tech support, “Holding this useless 3G, I am an irritated consumer that has no recourse,” he writes.“I never thought I would ever say this but I am going later today to look at a Droid to see if it will fit my needs,” he concludes his story, and ends his post expressing sympathy for those who are “in the same boat.” Earlier today, Softpedia ran a story on a number of specific issues encountered by i Phone owners trying to upgrade to i OS 4 with little luck or, even worse, ending up with compromised data.Those who are experiencing these problems are encouraged to share their story in the comments.Some users of different networks have reported similar service problems, so this may have extended well beyond Verizon's customer base.

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One of the many i Phone owners trying to upgrade to i OS 4 with no luck has an interesting story over at Apple’s Discussions forums, in which he alleges that Apple had anticipated upgrade problems with i Phone 3G handsets, and that the company’s top priority is offering i Phone 4 customers the best experience possible.

This post collects the most common i Phone i Pad update problems for i OS 8. To safeguard your photos, the safest method is to transfer photos to computer first, then delete photos from your i Phone. Delete Apps and Games Focus on those apps and games that occupy too much space, or that you don't use that much, even ones that can be easily replaced once the i OS 8 update is finished.