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Makeup guru and avid video caller Mally Roncal (she suggested a Face Time interview for this article) tells me I need to find my best angle by taking test shots.But if snapping multiple selfies feels, well, self-indulgent, Roncal says there is one universal pose that works for every face shape: The Tilt.

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Before going live, she simply coats her lashes with plenty of black mascara and adds an ultrapigmented lipstick to make her features stand out and distract from any skin imperfections.She tells me to begin with natural lighting, near a window if possible—"there's no better source than the sun"—since artificial overheads can accentuate dark circles and wrinkles."Think about movies, when a criminal is being interrogated," Phan says."There's just one spotlight on the suspect, and it never looks good." Lighting from below is similarly unflattering."I hold my phone out as far as my arms can reach," she says.

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I prop my laptop two feet away on an eye-level stack of magazines on my coffee table.With more than 500 million users worldwide, Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts, oo Voo, Fring, and Tango have redefined not only how job interviews are conducted but the way we communicate in general.