Validating a will

20-Nov-2017 19:27

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Entirely in handwriting it said, "I leave everything to my friend Dave Smith. If that language is not in the Will, the Executor will either have to get a bond or run the estate money through the lawyer's trust account.

John Doe, March 3, 2004." Dave said, "Well, this isn't much of a will. " Yes, it was good and Dave inherited about 0,000 with that scrap of paper. Of course, this quickie DIY Will might have led to a lot of problems if one of John's relatives had come forward to claim it was a forgery.

As of today, there is little or no certification for Web professionals, and only few universities teach Web technologies, leaving most Web-smiths to learn by themselves, with varied success.

Seasoned, able professionals will take pride in creating Web content using semantic and well-formed markup, separation of style and content, etc.

It is indeed one of the principal strengths of the web, that (for example) a visually impaired user can select very large print or text-to-speech without a publisher having to go to the trouble and expense of preparing a separate edition.

Do remember: household-name companies expect people to visit afford that luxury?

Some teachers also stress that automated validation tests are a good introduction to broader, more complex quality concepts such as accessibility.

In the past, many authors who relied on the quirks of Netscape 1.1 suddenly found their pages appeared totally blank in Netscape 2.0.

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