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OC included Blaine thinks it's going to be the same boring holiday he's always had until he meets a cheery Elf in Santa's workshop. He'd thought he was waiting for love before the first time, but he is tired of waiting.It's high time he had a little Christmas cheer in his life. **no longer Christmas focused - great to read in non-holiday times**When Blaine's phone rings constantly to voicemail, Kurt begins to get a little frustrated and concerned. He decides the thing to do is just hire a male escort for a night.When you get home from the hospital, bandages on both of your wrists, the last thing you want is for all of your high school friends to be on your front porch.It Could link for Criss Colfer stories: it-could-happen . But comfort can come from the most unexpected people, and even from one of his own students, Kurt Hummel, who may need some comfort of his own.Enter Blaine Anderson who he would say changes hi life for the better, but his family and friends are a bit more dubious.In the end, age I just a number Kurt and Blaine are paired as roommates their first year in college.When Blaine gets to know Kurt, his world turns upside down and he begins to question who he really is. He reunites with some childhood friends he shared with Kurt as well as making new one..and he joined the Glee Cub and, seriously?

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I have inserted a marker in chapter 11 to note where the split occurs.Blaine feels strangely compelled to sit down and talk with him… Epic romantic fantasy adventure, seriously AU, with angst and fluff in equal measure.I can sense your hesitation, but just give the first chapter a try.He's recently figured out he's gay, but hasn't told anyone. But then Blaine meets a young girl in the most unlikely way and after he learns about the abuse she suffered he can’t help but want to give her the family that loves and care’s for her like she needs.

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Blaine received a letter that said his great uncle, who he didn't even remember, left him a house in Lima Ohio.With a little push from Burt, he finds himself at Blaine's front door, where he may be in for the shock of a lifetime and an entire new side to his boyfriend's family that he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams. After weeks of being poor, he's convinced to join an agency that will help him find a job as a babysitter. Someone experienced who Kurt wont have to explain himself to or ever see again.