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06-Nov-2017 02:00

Until those billion people get into headsets, though, the company seems to be doing its best to make VR easier to use—and as persistent as possible once you're using it.Since Oculus Connect’s inaugural 2014 edition, the conference has evolved to be an amalgam of horn-tooting, community-thanking, and just-you-waiting.

"The future is built by the people who believe it can be better," he said, announcing that he and his team "want to get a billion people in virtual reality." That statement didn’t come with a deadline, as Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash (relievedly) pointed out in a later keynote, but it did underscore that Zuckerberg—as he has since Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014—sees VR as the way to future-proof Facebook’s cultural ubiquity.The process of account creation takes only two or three minutes.