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29-Jul-2017 08:57

Since the average American worker makes about thirty to forty thousand a year, I think a sitcom star could be convinced to do an episode of their show, for one hundred thousand dollars, instead of one or two million.

Back in the day when we all had analog television, and we all had an antenna on our roof, or rabbit ears on top of the tv set, we didn’t have much to complain about, especially because watching television was free, and we never felt there were too many tv commercials.

In fact I actually liked the commercials back then. We are paying a lot of money to get television into our homes, and I don’t appreciate them using my living room, as their billboard to show an endless amount of annoying commercials.

Since our government will probably do nothing as usual, the only thing we can do is not support anything advertised on tv.

If you watch television, you have surely noticed that there are just too many tv commercials.

The tv commercials are dominating the majority of the program on every channel.

Shouldn’t that be your doctors job, to decide what is best for you?

If that starts to happen, networks will be forced to cut their budgets, instead of adding more commercials, which has gotten us to this problem of too many tv commercials.

If we don’t do anything, they will continue to bombard us with excessive tv commercials, and continue to accept more annoying commercials. Setup your favorite channels on your favorites button, and just go to another channel you like, when a commercial comes on.

We have daytime shows where the star is getting a million dollars an episode, and sitcom stars that are getting two million per episode.

When we wonder why there are too many tv commercials, it is because the television networks have to recover the outrageous salaries that a lot of these stars want.The networks need to get their house in order, and stop paying outrageous salaries to the stars.