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My family's very laid-back about things like thank-you cards, for example, whereas Lauren's, if they don't receive one immediately, I'll get a call making sure I didn't die.My parents are more Hey, do your own thing.' So I'm still learning to navigate."—"Marriage does change your friendships.And before, even if I said to my now husband, Mike, nothing's going to happen. Or if the color she has on is obnoxious, I'll let her know—though she might still wear it."—"Knowing that our foundation is solid has given us the strength and the courage to face challenges we might not have alone. Snowden, 36, Sacramento, Calif.; married seven years *Your money Merging accounts, wrestling over who spends what, revealing a sordid credit history—marrying your finances is a minefield. Surprisingly intimate."The sticker shock was the main thing. I actually participated in one of these so-called pedis. And she loves to remind me when I buy something for that I only get a -a-week allowance, which is pretty horrible!Working on the house and our careers became our goals, not individual ones. Guys, we go to Target, buy a deodorant, some shampoo, and we're good to go. I'll be honest with you, I've thought about opening a secret account."—"Eric bought a 0 jointer tool three weeks into the marriage, and I said, You did what?

But then, after the wedding, we revealed to each other our student loan debt—I've got ,000; his is almost ,000—and we saw every stupid credit card the other person opened in college. But knowing the ins and outs of someone's credit score—that's pretty intense. In a way, it's as sexy as it gets."—The way you see yourself While marriage can redefine who you are to the outside world, it also affects who you are on the inside.

Keep up the good work.' I find it refreshing and awesome."—*B. Snowden, 36, Sacramento, Calif.; married seven years *"I'm the youngest among my colleagues, and when I'd say me and my boyfriend,' I felt as if they looked at it like Oh, that's cute.

You and your little boyfriend.' But since we got married, I feel they take me more seriously.

Not that we're doing anything crazy-kinky, but we'll say, Maybe we could try this,' or, That sounds fun.'""It's much more intimate and sexier at times.

But at others, I feel that for her it's almost All right, let's get it over with.' I haven't understood that totally.I hang out less with my single friends because they are out hunting their next prey.