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It’s time to stop blaming the other woman and to start taking responsibility.For this reason I have founded an organisation called Wife School which teaches you how to be the best wife you can, affair-proof your marriage and stop your husband cheating.The cliche of a married man wanting “someone who understands him” (if their wife has stopped trying) is true – I’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth many times.Sex is a major component, though, as men need sex like they need oxygen.Whenever I read about an affair it infuriates me that the other woman is automatically blamed and shamed.Yes she is an accessory but she is not the reason a husband has decided to cheat on his wife.At wife School you will learn the skills needed to affair-proof your marriage, the signs to look for if you think he’s cheating on you and how to stop him if he is.

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But being on the front line of infidelity for so long means I learned lessons all wives need to know and feel it my obligation to turn a negative into a positive by exposing how and why men stray, the lies they tell in order to get away with it and the things women can do to stop it from happening.

But it’s no good berating her if she does so as that’s hypocritical and makes you as bad as the man.